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Health and Wellness in Vietnam is among the best in Southeast Asia, and has been a prime attraction amongst International holidaymakers and expatriate communities within Vietnam. Since Santal Spa opened in 2008, it has created a barometer of luxury and exuberance along with attaining the insignia of opulence delivering wellness.

Santal Spa & Clinics is a part of Santal Joint Stock company, entered the Vietnam luxury body service industry with an aim of “Customer is the Focus” and created a niche space in Vietnam tourism. It has become a chain of Spas located in 3 most Luxurious Hotels bearing 5 & 4 Stars ranking, situated in busiest and premiere part of the capital city. The offering are extensive lists of treatments which relaxes the body, rejuvenates the mind and spirit of the soul. The body relaxing therapies and massages offered are not to be found anywhere else in the whole of Vietnam, is evident from the list of happy customers who have experienced their services.

Tucked away in the middle of the city, Santal Spa & Clinic has 3 centers, located in 3 best of the best hotels in Vietnam, to match the standards of services it offers and leveling the ultra-richness which it presents to its clients at no point customers should feel a drop-in coziness and elegance. All the three Spas offer a chance to break away from the bustle of the city and get a relaxation like never before.

  1. Covering the entire 11th floor of Hilton Garden Hotel, Hanoi, Santal Spa is epitome of luxury, serving the best in class and leave you to crave for more.  Other centres of Santal Spa are equally energetic and promises to deliver exact kind of services.
  2. Santal Spa covers the 2nd floor of Pullman Hotel, which is one of Hanoi City’s Premier Business Hotel. Nearby corporate address and government offices.
  3. Final chain of Santal Spa is on the 3rd floor of the 5 Star Pan Pacific Hotel, Hanoi. The best part of this centre is its breathtaking lake view, which enhances the therapy and massage experiences to an unfathomable level.

It has strived consistently to maintain the degree of richness and first-class quality service throughout its centers.

Santal Spa has created a uniquely rich personal spa experience offering bouquets of services ranging from Full Body Massage, Face Skin care, Complete Therapy and exclusive Wax treatments out of the box Couple Love Bath. The packages are standard and customized as per the clients demands. The full body massage has taste of Eastern techniques blended with modern massage therapies. The variety are Himalayan Rock Salt massage, Shiatsu Japanese massage and Massage Bali along with traditional Vietnamese Massage which relaxes the whole body and stuff with energy. Massage Hot Stone is special massage done with lava stone bursts out from the volcanoes, to transfer positive energy through acupuncture points

Skin care is among the foremost therapy treatments, are signature experiences which enlightens the skin, make you looks younger and adds freshness to whole body. Ingredients used for skin care therapies are natural and completely organic, from specially sourced beeswax, lemon and fruits from the rainforests, and dead sea salt imported from Israel. Therapy from eye to neck and complete facials are irresistible to ignore. Deep Cleansing with natural herbs - specialty treatment, skin rejuvenation and extensive eye care goes beyond the contemporary wellness services for pampering the whole body. To peel off dead skin, scrubs from natural herbs and beeswax are applied with lemon and coconut freshwater. Wax Hair removal techniques are famous among the “Hanoi expats” (a relief from painful machine hair removal). Herbal Facials are remarkable and unique as herbs are brought from the rainforests and organic farms, acne removal and brightens the face.

Honeymoon couples in Vietnam have a special “Love bath” package. A jacuzzi with natural water and herbs, along with Champagne and candle light creates a life remembering memory. Tailored made Spa packages are available for couples to enjoy their most important period of life.

Vietnam Dental Clinics have endeavored to bring the best medical treatments to its clients, be it any specialty. We only have affiliations with the best hospitals, doctors, clinics and companies which have similar dedication towards health and wellness and put extra efforts to deliver the best in terms of quality and relationship.

In pursuit of our endeavor to truly maintain our vision and mission of providing the first class service to our customers, we have partnered with Santal Joint Stock Company which has a chain of Spas, offering the best in its class body rejuvenation therapies and wide range of Aesthetic treatments, in Vietnam under the brand name of Santal Spa .Though our partnership is new, the goal of the both the organizations have been providing the best wellness treatment services to the international community which travels to Vietnam in huge numbers.