If you have done some prior research on dental and medical tourism, some countries like Thailand, India and Mexico commonly spring up. However, it is surprising why Vietnam is often overlooked, for this country offers you some of the best dental care facilities you can find outside the Western world.

Currently, thousands of dental tourists from the U.S., Australia, New Zealand are coming to Vietnam as dental tourists, and for good reason. Using just USA as an example, it can cost from $3,700 to have Nobel BioCare dental implant placed (the best quality dental implant), while in Vietnam, you only have to pay $1,500, which is less than half for the same treatment.

Consider the amount of money that you will be able to save when you travel outside of your country for such a treatment.

If you have decided to travel to Vietnam for dental tourism, consider getting yourself treated at our partner Clinic. MedicalTourism Vietnam has selected them carefully amongst hundreds of other dental clinics in Hanoi. They provide a full range of dental treatments from general dentistry, veneers, crowns, bridges, cosmetic dentistry, and of course, dental implants.

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Our International Dental partners Clinic utilizes the latest dental technology to ensure the clients can have the most comfortable, efficient and effective dental experience possible.

Explore just some of the advanced technologies that are used below:


Digital Intraoral Radiography

Utilizing the latest sensor technology, the digital intraoral radigraphy system delivers images of truly amazing clarity and detail – greatly supporting diagnosis and treatment.

With the assistance of a digital intraoral dadiography system, your dentist could diagnose cavities, assess the condition of the root of your tooth, surrounding bone as well as the negative impact from gum disease to your jawbone.


Digital OPG and Dental Cone beam computed tmography

Serenity International Dental Clinic is equipped with the latest OPG and CB CT scan from Sirona, Germany.

If you need to assess all of the teeth, multiple x-rays will be required with intraoral radiography system. However, with this system, just an OPG scan would be sufficient.

This system also allows your dentist to take 3D scan of your jaw to assess the bone volume, locate the major nerve canals or sinus cavity to plan for implant placement. The position of your implants will be determined before the surgery with the best accuracy. With this system, the risk of penetrating your sinus cavity or compromising nerve canal during implant placement will be eliminated absolutely.


Digital Intraoral camera

It is always hard for patients to see clearly inside of their mouth with just a mirror.

Therefore, at our International Dental partners Clinic, it is equipped with digital intra-oral camera as an educational and communication tool to show them in details the condition of each tooth.

Patients can view what the camera is seeing on the screen to get a close up view of their teeth, allowing the dentist and patient to see cracked teeth, tooth decay, worn out or cracked fillings and plaque build up.


 Ultrasonic Surgery

Piezo-ultrasonic surgery offers atraumatic surgery (something laser once promised) a never before seen ease and precision in surgical procedures, and an almost blood-free operative field. Some additional benefits include faster healing with significantly less swelling, pain and complications.

Ultrasonic surgery helps implantologists and patients in private practice avoid augmentative surgery that, in the past, could only be performed in a hospital setting. Surgical techniques such as vertical and horizontal expansion of the alveolar crest and sinus elevation which failed in the past because of defi cient tools, can now be performed successfully and predictably with reduced time, costs, and post-operative pain.

Dental works in Vietnam – Step by Step

Preparing for major dental works is not any easy process. Preparing for major works to be done in another city makes it much harder. Having that understanding in mind, your team at MedicalTourism Vietnam is always ready to provide you with all necessary information that you might need. All you need is to send us your question (Contact Us NOW).

The whole process could be summarized in these four simple steps below:

Step 1: Request for a quote

The first step is to find out what treatments you might need, their costs and how much time you need to be in Vietnam for the treatments. In order to get a customized quote, you just need to send us some details of your dental needs. If you have any X-ray, CT scan or dental report from your dentist, you should send them to our email at george@medicaltourismvietnam.com.

Step 2: Finalize your trip

Once you have had your estimate of the cost and time for the works, you can start booking your flights and accommodation. Your patient coordinator at MedicalTourism Vietnam can assist you with our insights of a local.

Step 3: Book your first appointment for consultation

Just like any other medical procedure, a thorough examination is always necessary before “jumping to the work”. Once you have finalized your schedule, please let us know again regarding your itinerary and when you would be available for the first appointment. Our international patient coordinator will do his best to arrange for the appointment that suits your schedule.

Step 4: Arrive, get the works done while experiencing a unique Vietnam

At the time that you have booked with our coordinator, you could show up at our clinic and we will be ready for the examination.

During examination, your dentist will discuss with your regarding your current condition, the treatment options for your case. He/she will also recommend you the best option taking into account your available time, budget and your most important concerns.

Finally, a detailed plan with information about the procedures, costs and recommended schedule for the works.

You could take your time to consider about the plan or book your appointments straight away to commence the works. Our patient coordinator is highly experienced in arrange your appointments so that you could get all of the works done on time while maximizing your free time for travel. They work hard to ensure you will have the best quality dental works and memorable time in Vietnam.

During every appointment, you will be attended by our qualified dentist. He/she will explain to you about the process in details, as well as answering any questions that you might have before commencing the procedure.

Step 5: Final checkup before your departure

Once all of the dental works are completed, you will have an additional appointment so that your dentists will thoroughly check the works again. This is necessary to make sure everything has been done perfectly.

Finally, our patient coordinator will provide you with a completed guidelines on how to take care of the works, as well as other necessary treatments in the future.