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Visa for Vietnam

Visa is the permission given by the host country to an individual, couple or group for entering concerning various purpose/s. Visa procedures can be daunting, confusing and at the same time intimidating for many people owing to types of visas, lists of documents required, strict rules and regulations, differentiation in immigration laws for different countries, long procedure and rejection concern are among the few. To overcome all these law jargons and procedures, Medical Tourism Vietnam assist our customers to get Visa for Vietnam without any hassle.

Visa Guide

Visa provided by government of Vietnam are of different types majorly determined by the purpose of visit namely as Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Transit Visa, Student Visa, Re -  Entry Visa, Diplomatic Visa and Official Visa. Tourists Visa is among the most issued as many travelers from the flock t Vietnam for their holidays and now recently medical treatments. Most preferred choice for the travellers arriving through air is Vietnam Visa on Arrival (also known as VOA) because its faster, cheaper and don’t have to go through the process of passport posting to an embassy making it the most convenient for majority of travel plans.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival (VOA)

Vietnam Visa on Arrival is alternative Visa for travellers who arrive in Vietnam through Air. A traveler obtains Vietnam Visa on after arrival in Vietnam rather than obtaining it before boarding flight from their native country.

Types of Vietnam Visa on Arrival differentiating in terms of Duration of Stay and Single//Multiple Entries.

The Chart Below Quotes Service Fee, Types and Working days For Tourists Visa

*(All the Charges are in US $)

Visa Types Visa Fee (Per person) Working Days Stamping Fees (Per person- Levied the Airport)
1 Person 2 People 3 - 5 People 6 - 9 People More than 10 People
1 Month Single Entry    $ 18 $16 $14 $12 $10 2 Working Days $25
3 Month Single Entry    $ 30   $ 28 $ 26 $ 22 $ 20 3-5 Working Days $25
1 Month Multiple Entry    $ 22     $ 20 $ 18 $16 $14 2 working days   $50
3 Month Multiple Entry    $ 50   $ 48 $ 46 $ 44 $ 42 3-5 working days   $50

Note: Visa service fee mentioned above, is not applied for national from Korea, African & Middle East countries

Urgent and Super Urgent Vietnam Visa on Arrival Service Fee

Visa Types Urgent ( 1 Working Day) Super Urgent
1 month single entry   Plus $10 Extra Contact
1 month multiple entry   Plus $10 Extra   Contact
3 month single entry   Plus $10 Extra   Contact
3 month multiple entry   Plus $10 Extra   Contact

Any person arriving to Vietnam through any means require valid Visa. Here with is important checklists of documents essential for Vietnam Visa : -

  • Passport : - A Passport Valid for minimum period of 6 months from the date of arrival. Please bear in mind that Temporary Passports are not allowed and will be declined.
  • Photo : - Two passport size photos. (4 X 6 cm. Note that picture should be clear and no specs/glassware are allowed in the picture)
  • Application -  Vietnamese Visa Application Form - ( Earlier known As Entry Form  /  Exit Form ( Only for Visa on Arrival )
  • Stamping Fee  - Paid through cash  in Airport to Immigrant Officer on Arrival to Vietnam.
  • Approval Letter  - Only required if an individual seek to arrive Vietnam on Visa on Arrival.

Vietnam has Visa on Arrival Facility for nationals from over 200 +  countries. Medical Tourism Vietnam has the best service to get Vietnam Visa on Arrival.

How to Get Visa On Arrival : -

Step 1 : - Fill Vietnam Visa Application Form. This Form is available online in most secure algorithm for your privacy. Fill all the details correctly. Form is very simple and easy to understand with only essential detail about person.

Step 2 : - Pay Vietnam Visa Fee. After correctly filling the Online Vietnam Visa application form, pay Vietnam Visa Service fees through Credit/Debit card, online banking or Paypal.Our banking partners are among the leaders in industry and server globally. With Medical Tourism Vietnam you will get special discounted rates for travel Visa.

Step 3 : - Vietnam Visa Approval letter is a necessary document while you board the flight to arrive in Vietnam.  The Vietnam Visa Approval Letter is issued and signed by Immigration Department of Vietnam. Vietnam Visa Approval letter will be sent to you via email which you have filled in the Vietnam Visa Application form. Please carry this letter after taking print - out while traveling to Vietnam.

Step 4 : - Upon arrival in Vietnam, you will go towards designated Visa on Arrival immigration desk. You will present the documents  - Your Passport, Vietnam Visa Letter, Vietnamese Visa Application Form attached with 1 Passport size photo. Pay Stamping fee to the Immigration officer.Once all these are documents verified and stamping fees is paid, you will get Vietnam Visa Stamped on your passport. Welcome to Vietnam.

Important Instruction before applying for Visa On Arrival for Vietnam : -

  • Visa on Arrival is valid only through Air Travel.
  • Traveling through On Arrival Visa in Vietnam is allowed in designated International airports -
  •  Hanoi.
  •  Hai Phong.
  • Da Nang.
  • Ho Chi Minh city.
  • Noi Bai.
  • Nha Trang.
  • Phu Quoc.
  • For Visa on Arrival in Vietnam,Vietnam Visa Approval Letter is necessary. Without the Vietnam Visa Approval  Letter you will Not get Visa directly in Vietnam Airport. The mentioned Vietnam Visa Approval Visa letter is to be obtained through applying Online for Vietnam Visa on Arrival.
  • Green Card Holders and Temporary Passport Holders are not eligible for Visa on Arrival.

Medical Tourism Vietnam wants your travel a pleasant experience in which Airport check outs, long queues, waiting time for baggage are a hurdle.To overcome all these annoying process and wastage of time, through our value added service -  “Fast Track Immigration Service”. This service can be availed by any traveller applying for Visa On Arrival through Medical Tourism Vietnam with special discounted rates.

Fast Track Immigration Service - A Medical Tourism Vietnam Staff will meet you a Landing Area in the Airport. Your Visa procedures will be done by our experienced staff who will guide through all the process and check out from the airport.

Why I should Opt for Fast track Immigration Service : -

  • Saves your precious time.
  • Ease of understanding the Immigration process and getting it done.
  • Hassle Free Check out from Airport till destination Hotel.

Why it  is recommended to opt Medical Tourism Vietnam for Vietnam Visa On Arrival : -

Why Medical Tourism Vietnam for Vietnam Visa On Arrival Why Vietnam Visa on Arrival (VOA)
● Cheaper.
● Faster - Takes Less than 3 Days in normal circumstances. Can be Issues earlier
● Discounted Rates - Applying through Medical Tourism Vietnam for your Vietnam Visa on Arrival, you are eligible to avail the best-discounted rates which are specifically our clients.
● Dedicated team to assist in every step of the process for Visa On Arrival.
● Language based Assistance.
● Easy online process.
● Timely delivery of Visa documents.ay Duration upto 3 Months.
● Cheaper.
● Faster - Takes Less than 3 Days in normal circumstances. Can be Issues earlier in Urgent cases.
● More Convenient - Passport visit to Embassy not required.
● Simple Process to apply - Online Form submission and Fees.
● Easy To Understand.
● Can be Obtained for Multiple Purposes.
● Visa Fee is Refundable in Case of Visa Rejection.
● Stay Duration upto 3 Months.

Medical Tourism Vietnam has collaborated with local agencies and online platforms to provide Visa in most convenient way with fast track approach and ease of procedure. Any traveller planning to explore, backpack, seeking medical treatment in Vietnam or individual/group for business trip can apply for Visa with Medical Tourism Vietnam. We have dedicated team and special rates for customers approaching us for their Visa services.