Our Services

Vietnam Dental Clinics is among the best dental clinic serving international patients in Vietnam. Our core focus and emphasis has been delivering top quality medical treatments to the patients who come to us for their dental treatments and want their smile to change forever.

Apart from being a Dental clinic facilitator, we provide assistance to medical value travel in Vietnam. To achieve our goal, we have an extensive network with the best hospitals in Vietnam, across the border, India and Malaysia and top specialists’ doctors. Our constant efforts are to make the entire medical tourism process, which starts from enquiring for the treatment, providing the best medical opinion within the affordable cost, medical visa assistance, traveling to Vietnam, hospitalization and till departure to their native lands, a hassle-free and joyous experience for the patient and the attendant. 

We have created a “Medical Travel Guideline” to be followed by our entire team, from patient caretaker until the chauffeur who helps patients from arrival and till departure to their home. We offer various medical value travel services which includes: -

  • Pretreatment Assistance.
  • Destination Arrival Service.
  • Hospitalization.
  • Post Treatment Assistance.
  • Departure.
  • Relaxation Tours.

Getting medical treatment done is one of the parts of entire medical tourism. As mentioned, our goal is to create ease in the entire process for the patient and the attendant accompanying while traveling to Vietnam.

1 ) Pretreatment Assistance: -  This is the first step where you send your medical inquiry to our medical representative by filling the inquiry form or mail. We have set a response time of less than 12 hours for each medical inquiry. Our representative will get in touch with you to gain more insight into your current treatment requirement. Medical Representative will assist you in getting detailed medical Opinion from our specialist's doctors and Surgeons, based upon investigation and analysis of provided medical reports. The entire treatment plan will be shared which includes the cost of treatment, number of days to stay in hospitals, medical visa details, post-treatment stay and related important details pertaining to your medical treatment plan.

2) Destination Arrival Service: - Once the treatment Plan is confirmed by you, the medical visa procedure is initiated by our Medical Representative. After arrival to Vietnam for medical treatment, you will be welcomed by our Patient Assistant, who is specially assigned for you to assist in each and every step from now on. You will be escorted to the pre decided hospital of your choice by the Patient Assistant.

3) Hospitalization: - Patient Assistant will help you in all the formalities of the Hospital to make your admission into Hospital on priority basis. You will meet the assigned Doctor/s, a preliminary check-up will be conducted in the hospital and after few paper formalities, you will be admitted in your assigned room, as per your treatment plan. During the whole process, our Patient Assistant will be present in guiding you through all the queries which arises, to make your hospitalization easy and save you from any inconvenience. Even during your hospital stay before/after treatment, a Patient assistant will be there for you in case of any requirement in terms of food, money exchange, medications, etc.

4) Post Treatment Assistance: - After your medical procedure/surgery is completed, you will be transferred to the Hotel, as per the number of days required post-treatment. Patient Assistant will arrange for follow - up with doctors on a priority basis. Patient Assistant will guide you in billing and clearance procedures of the Hospital and transport till the Hotel where you and your attendant can stay comfortably and recover post-surgery.

5) Departure: - Once your post-operative/treatment duration is completed, your arrangement will be done for departure to your country.

6) Relaxation Tour - Vietnam is among the most favorite destination in South Asia for travelers across the world. If you wish to explore and travel, we will arrange for a tour for you, which will include important places to visit and create an itinerary as per your requirement.

Other Services by Vietnam Medical Clinic: -

Treatment-Related: -

Priority arrangements in Hospitals in chosen Hospital in Vietnam.

Priority appointments with Surgeons/Doctors on arrival in Vietnam.

Priority in Check-ups related to the treatment/medical procedure.

Travel Related: -

Medical Visa arrangements and documentations for patient + attendant.

Airport Pick-up and Drop during Arrival and Departure in Vietnam.

Hospital to Hotel transfer assistance.

Traveling within City.

Arranging local taxi/tuk-tuk.

Excursion arrangements.

Local Sim arrangement.

Return Flight Ticket Arrangements.

Relaxation Tour arrangement.

Money Related: -

Hospital Bill clearance.

Foreign exchange.