Santal Spa announces partnership with Vietnam Dental Clinic to go global

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George Adams.                                                                                     For Immediate Release


Vietnam Dental Clinics

10/25 Tay Ho Street.

Tay Ho District. Hanoi.


With a view to enlarge customer base of international tourists and expats, Santal Spa enters into strategic partnership with Vietnam Dental Clinics.

Tay Ho District, Hanoi. (May 20, 2019) - Two major health and wellness service providers of Vietnam announced a strategic agreement which will benefit international travelers and expats in the country. With this partnership, Vietnam’s best Spa chain - Santal Spa extends its reach to promote with Vietnam Dental Clinics to attract international visitors and expat community.

“We are happy this partnership came into existence”, said George Adams, the CEO of Vietnam Dental Clinics. “It is clear that there was a gap in wellness services in Vietnam which was experienced by foreign travelers along with huge expat community which reside in the country. Now with Santal Spa, we have added a valued eudaimonia services for our global clients. Since we offer multiple health services, best body rejuvenation therapies and Spa treatments was missing, and now that has been fulfilled by Santal Spa”.

Santal Spa, owned by Santal Joint Stock Company, are in the health and wellness services since 2008, and create a benchmark in Aesthetic services in Vietnam Spa industry. “We are currently operating at 3 location in Hanoi, Hilton Garden Hotel, Pullman Hotel and Pan Pacific Hotel, all these properties are 4 Star and 5 Star, which defines our standard of services and target clientele. With Vietnam Dental Clinics our reach will expand to wider horizons and benefit both the organizations.” Ms.Lại Thu Lương - PR and Marketing.  Santal Company.

“This partnership is a clear win - win situation for both companies as they can merge their strengths to create synergy, understanding the importance of Rejuvenating treatments in Vietnam wellness market and how to introduce to international clients and expat community.” George Adams. CEO. Vietnam Dental Clinics is a premier dental treatments solution clinic along with variety of specialty treatments offered, like cosmetic Surgery and Weight loss procedures.” Both companies strive to deliver the best care and customers are the prime focus.”. Ms Lại Thu Lương - PR and Marketing.  Santal Company.

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